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Mud Terrain Attack M/T A

The AMP Terrain Attack M/T was designed to perform in the most extreme conditions while offering improved grip and handling for better on-road performance. The 3-ply “A” logo side wall provides biting edges that provide outstanding grip in mud, rock, sand, snow and more. A full range of sizes up to 40 inches tall, the Terrain Attack M/T will conquer anything in its path.

Now available in 12LT sizes for 17” to 26” wheels

Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires

Product Features

  • Twin Lug Sidewall

    Twin Lug Sidewall

    Reinforced sidewall boasts “A” logo lug design which provides dynamic biting edges to maintain grip through the most extreme conditions or when airing down tires.

  • Performance Tread Design

    Performance Tread Design

    The deep sipes and distinct channel design significantly increase traction in wet conditions.

  • Tread Depth

    Tread Depth

    The tread pattern is aggressively designed to remove mud, dirt, snow and debris while keeping continuous contact for superior off road traction and better on-road control.

  • Off Road Performance

    Off Road Performance

    The unique shoulder design features a staggered tread block that provides reliable grip in unreliable terrain and consistent traction for better on road performance.

  • Performance Ratings

  • Tech Specifications

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  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires
  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires
  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires
  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires
  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T A, Amp Tires
Part No. Size Pattern Diameter Speed Load
Tread Depth
Overall Diameter
Overall Width
Max. Load
Approved Rim Width Range
35-125017AMP/CM2 35×12.50R17 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 17 125Q E 70.16 19 34.80 13.40 3640LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
37-125017AMP/CM2 37-12.50R17LT-8PR TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 17 124Q D 19 37 13.5 3520LBS 50 3P+2S+2N 3P 9.5-10-10.5
285-6518AMP/CM2 285/65R18 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 18 125/122Q E 61.64 19 32.83 11.93 3640LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.0-10.0
35-125018AMP/CM2 35×12.50R18 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 18 123Q E 71.35 19 35.00 13.20 3415LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
285-5520AMP/CM2 285/55R20 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 125/122Q E 62.70 19 32.30 11.20 3640LBS/3305LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.0-10.0
305-5520AMP/CM2 305/55R20 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 121Q E 68.35 19 33.39 12.60 3195LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
33-125020AMP/CM2 33×12.50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 114Q E 61.44 19 33.00 12.5 2600LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.0-10.5
35-115020AMP/CM2F 35×11.50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 124Q E 66.44 19.53 34.76 11.42 3525LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
35-125020AMP/CM2 35×12.50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 121Q E 72.38 19 35.04 13.39 3195LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
37-135020AMP/CM2 37×13.5020 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 20 127Q E 79.51 19 37.00 14.00 3860LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
33-125022AMP/CM2 33×12.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 109Q E 64.81 19 32.52 12.50 2271LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
33-145022AMP/CM2F 33×14.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 117Q F 74.74 19 32.7 14.46 2835LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 10.0-13.0
325-5022AMP/CM2 325/50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 122Q E 73.04 19 34.80 13.00 3305LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 9.0-12.0
35-155022AMP/CM2F 35×15.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 125Q F 84.66 19 34.7 15.54 3640LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 11.0-14.0
37-135022AMP/CM2 37×13.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 123Q E 79.73 19 37 14 3415LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
37-125022AMP/CM2F 37X12.50R22LT TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 22 127Q F 83.38 19.53 36.76 12.52 3860LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11
33-135024AMP/CM2F 33×13.50R24 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 24 121 F 67.03 19.53 34.76 11.42 3525LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 11.0
35-135024AMP/CM2 35×13.50R24 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 24 118Q E 73.39 21 35 14 2910LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
37-135024AMP/CM2 37×13.50R24 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 24 120Q E 79.35 21 37 14 3085LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 8.5-11.0
40-155024AMP/CM2 40×15.50R24 TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 24 128P E 95.57 21 40 16 3970LBS 65PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 11.0-14.0
35-135026AMP/CM2F 35X13.50R26LT TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 26 117Q F 72.97 19.53 34.61 13.58 2835LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 11 – 13
37-135026AMP/CM2F 37X13.50R26LT TERRAIN ATTACK M/T 26 117Q F 83.38 19.53 36.3 13.58 2835LBS 80PSI 3P+2S+2N 3P 9.5-12
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