Amp Tires 3PMS Alpine Snowflake Labeling Recall


  • TWG is recalling certain AMP brand tires that are incorrectly labeled as snow tires.
  • We are currently developing a recall plan and will inform affected customers of their remedy options in the coming weeks.
  • Until that time, we are not selling the AMP brand tires subject to the recall and have instructed our dealers and distributors to do the same.


  • For Customers:
    • To ensure you receive prompt notification of the recall plan and your remedy options, please provide your information through our registration page:
    • Please note that these tires do not meet the definition of “snow tire” or “winter tire” under U.S. and Canada regulations and, therefore, may not have sufficient traction to perform in all snow weather conditions.  Otherwise, these tires are safe.
  • For Dealers and Distributors:
    • If you are currently holding inventory of AMP brand tires subject to this recall, please contact your sales representative to make arrangements for replacing your inventory with compliant tires.


You may email us email us at if you have any additional questions.