Terrain Attack A/T A

With an off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T A is the ultimate adventure tire. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern that delivers stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrain. With a large selection of sizing and a 40,000 mile warranty, let the Terrain Attack take you on every journey.

Now available in 12LT sizes for 16” to 22” wheels

Product Features

  • Performance Tread Design

    Performance Tread Design

    Unique multi-block tread design ensures smooth ride quality along with superior off road handling and grip.

  • Twin Lug Sidewall

    Twin Lug Sidewall

    Sidewall designed with duel variation lug technology for greatly improved traction in all environments and weather conditions.

  • Off Road Performance

    Off Road Performance

    The staggered tread block design was made to improve traction in loose dirt, debris and sand.

  • Tread Depth

    Tread Depth

    Deep, stepped tread blocks channel dirt, mud, snow, slush and water away from the tire in all weather conditions.

  • Performance Ratings

  • Tech Specifications

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Part No. Size Pattern Diameter Speed Load Range Weight
Tread Depth
Overall Diameter
Overall With
Max. Load
Approved Rim With Range
265-7017AMP/CA3 265/70R17 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 17 121/118S E 53.83 15.5 31.65 10.71 3195LBS/2910LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 7.0-8.5
285-7017AMP/CA3 285/70R17 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 17 121/118R E 56.48 15.5 32.64 11.61 3195LBS/2910LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 7.5-9.0
315-7017AMP/CA3 315/70R17 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 17 121/118R E 62.41 15.5 34.2 12.71 3195LBS/2910LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.0-11.0
305-6018AMP/CA3 305/60R18 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 18 124/121R E 58.85 15.5 32.32 12.72 3195LBS/2910LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
305-7018AMP/CA3 305/70R18 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 18 126/123R E 63.07 15.5 34.69 12.36 3750LBS/3415LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-10.0
265-5020AMP/CA3 265/50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 121/118S E 50.16 15.5 30.47 10.91 3195LBS/2910LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 7.5-9.5
275-5520AMP/CA3 275/55R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 115S D 53.90 15.5 31.89 11.18 2679LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 9.0-9.0
285-5520AMP/CA3 285/55R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 122/119S E 58.43 15.5 32.28 12.28 3303LBS/3000LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.0-10.0
305-5520AMP/CA3 305/55R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 121/118S E 63.29 15.5 33.15 13.03 3195LBS/2910LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
35-125020AMP/CA3 35×12.50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 121R E 66.88 15.5 35 12.50 3195LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
37-125020AMP/CA3 37×12.50R20 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 20 126R E 69.52 15.5 36.38 12.64 3750LBS 65PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
33-125022AMP/CA3 33×12.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 22 121R E 60.26 15.5 33 12.5 3195LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
35-125022AMP/CA3 35×12.50R22 TERRAIN ATTACK A/T A 22 122R E 64.00 15.5 35 12.5 3305LBS 80PSI 2P+2S+1N 2P 8.5-11.0
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